Review – Blackwing Dragon

Blackwing Dragon is the final book in TS’s Harper’s Mountains series. 

5 of 5 Stars

13584950_1791751441047134_6278254903436646501_oOfficial Synopsis:

****Don’t miss the epic finale of T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Harper’s Mountains series****

Kane Reeves is being hunted. He has done well to keep hidden all these years, but Damon Daye has finally come to collect on the blood debt of Kane’s father. Damon has sent a great Bloodrunner Dragon after him, and Kane can see his death coming. But his huntress is beguiling and sweet, and Kane is drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. And as he gets to know the sassy beauty, she feels less like the death of him, and more like his destiny. Too bad she’s a Bloodrunner, the mortal enemy of his ancient clan, and on a collision course to end his life.

Rowan Barnett has been charged with the protection of the Bloodrunner Crew while the alpha is unable to shift. The problem? The crew has chosen the wrong dragon for the job. She has no trust for her unstable inner monster, and now she’s lost her treasure. But when a mysterious and unlikely hero decides to help her out, she begins to think everything happens for a reason. Dark Kane’s eyes are terrifying, he feels like a beast, and he looks at her like he could just as easily kill her as kiss her, but there is something about him that Rowan can’t resist. Something that’s calling to her dragon and putting them both on a path of mass destruction.

And now Rowan will have to figure out how to protect the world from the last Blackwing Dragon, while protecting the man she loves from himself.
Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

My Official Goodreads Review: Since the start of T.S. Joyce’s Harper’s Mountain series, I’ve had questions about Dark Kane. Who was he? Why is dark? My curiosity built with each book. I didn’t have any expectations reading his story. It was one I already knew was going to move me to tears. Because that’s what TS does, she pulls at your heart strings. She delivered in such a huge way. Things I had questioned and wondered about answered. I don’t want to give anything away. But trust me when I say that if you loved her others, you’ll love this one. I’m excited and looking forward to her next series.

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